Enterprise Name:
McLeod Farms Ltd.

Organic Client Directory

PACS # 16-373

Enterprise Name:
McLeod Farms Ltd.
Member Name:
Jack McLeod
Certification Status:
COR Certified

Crop, Livestock (4-legged), Livestock (Dairy)

(250) 832 -7795
Mobile Phone:
4061 Foothill Road SW
Salmon Arm, BC V1E 3C1
Certified Organic (COR Section 345) :
Barley (seed, grain);
Corn (seed, grain, silage, High Moisture Corn (HMC));
Legumes – peas (seed, feed);
Hay/pasture/haylage (orchard grass, reed canary, timothy, fescue, alfalfa, clover);
Dairy cattle herd and calves* (breeding and slaughter stock);
Fluid milk*