About PACS

The Pacific Agricultural Certification Society is commonly known throughout the industry as PACS. We at PACS strive to be a world-renowned trusted organic certification body with our clients, interested parties and consumers. We take pride in the service we provide that is ethical and transparent following the regulations that guide us. PACS is a not for profit certifying body, based in Vernon, BC, serving locally and nationally certified enterprises since 2001. 

A group of health-minded individuals interested in supporting a sustainable food system were the pioneers of organics and the founders of PACS. We honor their dedication and legacy every day by actively focusing on the growth of PACS nationwide. In 2018 we developed and launched the rebranding of our logo. We redesigned our logo to reflect who we are today and to symbolize our dynamic and unswerving commitment to the organic industry and our clients.

In 2019 we developed our new website that reflects current standards, electronic device capabilities and offers a more robust platform for user experience and feedback.

Over the past seventeen years, PACS has grown and become a strong leader in organic certification across Canada. We’re developing new certifications to a broader scope of service opportunities. We have also continued to innovate new procedures to reduce the burden of paperwork for our clients. 

As always, PACS staff work hard to provide our clients with top quality services at competitive prices while maintaining a consistently high level of customer support. We are motivated to establish and maintain a sustainable system that will save operators time during the certification process. As one of the largest certifying bodies, PACS is guided by the clients it serves and offers floating scale fees to keep costs accessible to all. Our staff are very friendly, knowledgeable and always accessible, whether by email or telephone, to assist our clients. 

We appreciate the loyalty of our clients and strive to deliver the best service, supporting our clients’ vital work by providing reputable certified organic products and services for consumers all over the world. Our clients’ hard work and dedication inspire us to continue our services as a certification body, thus promoting a healthy food-wise lifestyle, starting at the farmers field, to the caring hands of our processors, to the end consumers who present these products confidently to their families and friends.

We at PACS are motivated to see a healthy world through organic certification where 'organic' is a proud household word.  PACS certifies to the Canada Organic Regime (COR) for national and international export of products as well as to the Certified Organic Association of BC (COABC) for certification within BC.






Paddy Doherty, President
Carmen Wakeling, Vice President
Amanda Turner, Secretary
Walter Makepeace, Treasurer
Ron Schneider
Bart Bounds
Charlie Lasser


Paddy Doherty, Director
Carmen Wakeling, Director
Charlie Lasser, Director
Bart Bounds, Director
Amanda Turner, Alternate
Walter Makepeace, Alternate
Ron Schneider, Alternate


Dr. Louise Nelson, Chair
Paddy Doherty
Andrea Turner
Erica Nitchie
Sam Quinlan
Eva-Lena Lang


Paddy Doherty


Brody Irvine




Verna Wagner
PHONE: 250.558.7927


PHONE: 250.558.7927


How Can I Get Certified:

Visit our How to Get Certified page and follow the step-by-step process to guide your path to successful organic certification.

Who PACS Certifies:

PACS certifies Canadian enterprises in the following industries: organic crop production, organic livestock production, organic greenhouse, sprouts & microgreen production, organic food & beverage production, organic cannabis production, organic and wild-harvested mushrooms, wild-harvest certification, maple and birch production, natural and agricultural health products. Follow PACS Step-by-Step Guide to Organic Certification.

Our Programs:

PACS certifies to the Canadian Organic Regime (COR) for national and international export of products as well as to the Certified Organic Association of BC (COABC) for certification within the clients province. PACS has an in-house certification program for agricultural health products as well as the Transition to Organic program. Read more about PACS Organic Certification Programs.