Enterprise Name:
hOMe Grown Living Foods Ltd

Organic Client Directory

PACS # 16-833

Enterprise Name:
hOMe Grown Living Foods Ltd
Member Name:
Shani Cranston
Certification Status:
COR Certified


PO Box 737
7490 Nantree Road
Certified Organic (COR Section 345) :
Preparation, packaging and labelling of hOMe Grown Living Foods brand products including:;
Apple cinnamon RAWgles;
Brazil nuts (sprouted, unsprouted);
Cacao butter wafers;
Cacao nibs, raw;
Cacao powder, raw;
Cashews (sprouted, unsprouted);
CHOCO Livies;
Chocolate Chip Cookies;
Chocolate hemp walnuts;
Cinnamon spiced walnuts;
Cranberries, apple juice infused, dried;
Cranberry Hemp BUCKwheaties;
Double Chocolate Cookies;
Easy U Bake Magic Mix;
Garlic Rosemary Pizza Crust;
Goji berries;
Nut Free Vegan Cheeze Sprinkles;
Pistachio nuts, shelled;
Psyllium husk powder;
Pumpkin Chia Bread & Buns;
Pumpkin Spice Keto Cookies;
Savoury Keto crackers;
Savoury Vegan Cheeze Sprinkles;
Shelled hemp seeds;
Spicy Keto crackers;
Spicy Vegan Cheeze Sprinkles;
Sprouted almonds;
Sprouted buckwheat groats;
Sprouted BUCKwheaties;
Sprouted Candied Cran-Apple Walnuts;
Sprouted Cashews;
Sprouted chia seeds;
Sprouted dry farmed salted walnuts;
Sprouted dry farmed walnuts;
Sprouted flax meal;
Sprouted lentil blend;
Sprouted heirloom pumpkin seeds;
Sprouted Maple Goji Granola;
Sprouted pecans;
Sprouted pumpkin seeds;
Sprouted Seaweed Surf Snax;
Sprouted spiced nuts;
Sprouted sunflower seeds;
Sunflower Chia Bread & Buns;
Sunflower Dill RAWgles;
Turmeric Pumpkin Hemp MUNCHeez;
Umami Mix;
Walnut rosemary bread;
Wild Jungle Peanuts;