Enterprise Name:
Off The Grid Organic Winery

Organic Client Directory

PACS # 16-532

Enterprise Name:
Off The Grid Organic Winery
Member Name:
Laurie & David Paynter
Certification Status:
COR Certified / BCCOP Certified

Crop, Preparation

3623 Glencoe Rd
West Kelowna, British Columbia V4T 1L8
Certified Organic (COR Section 345) :
Wine Grapes include:;
Chardonnay Grapes;
Gewürztraminer Grapes;
Pinot Gris Grapes ;
Riesling Grapes;
Pinot Noir Grapes;
Zweigelt Grapes;

Bottled wines include:;
2019 Vintage:;
Blauer Montag;
Ever After;
Farm Band;
Frozen Gewurztraminer;
Heritage Chardonnay;
Pinot Gris;
Riesling Gewurztraminer;
Sauvage Pinot Gris;
Unoaked Chardonnay;
Unplugged White;
Wild Riesling
Certified Organic (BCCOP):
Bottled wines include:;
2019 Vintage;
Pinot Noir;
Wild Riesling