Why Organic? hOMe Grown Living Foods

Why Organic? hOMe Grown Living Foods

February 21, 2019
hOMe Grown Living Foods Founders

Q. Why is being certified organic important to you and your business?
It allows customers to understand our high standards at a glance and creates accountability for the ingredients we source.

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Q. What are the most important principles or philosophies that guide your company?
hOMe Grown Living Foods has been Keeping the Vibe Alive with Sprouted Dehydrated Snacks and Pantry Staples since 2008. We source the highest quality ingredients and through our proprietary processes make it more Bio Available to your body. What you eat is important, but what you digest and assimilate is a key to Optimal Health!

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Q. What specific questions did you have when learning about organic certification?
Who could we work with locally for Certification and Support? How do we maintain our books to ensure easeful certification?

Organic Sprouted Nuts and Seeds

Q. If someone you know is thinking of certifying organic, what advice would you give?
Do it! Your customers will thank you! Keep track of every ingredient, incoming and outgoing. Be sure to receive COA paperwork on all incoming ingredients.

Organic Sprouted Ketogenic Cookies and Trail Mix

Q. Why did you choose PACS as your certifying body?
You were recommended to us by our dear friends at Gathering Place Trading Company and you are local!