Sunshine Farm

Organic Client Directory

PACS # 16-504
Enterprise Name: 
Sunshine Farm
Member Name:
Alcock, Russell
BCCOP Certified
2225 Saucier Road
Kelowna, BC V1W 4B8
(250) 448 -1826
Certified Organic (BCCOP):
Beans (Anasazi, Appaloosa, Azufrado, Big Mama Pole, Black Coco, Black Turtle, Bush, Cherokee Trail of Tears, French Wax, Haricot Tarbais, Jacob’s Cattle, Jade Bush, Magpie, Maxibel, Nance, Odawa, Slendrette, Soldier, Tezier Filet, Turkeys Craw, Tiger’s Eye, Vermont Cranberry); Beets (Chioggia, Cyndor); Carrots (Dutch Golden, Purple Dragon, Rouge Sang Violette, Spectrum); Cabbage (Red Acre); Corn (Golden Bantam, Hopi Blue); Cucumber (Armenian, Gherkin (West Indian), Marketmore, Mexican Sour Gherkin, Northern Pickling, Rollinson’s Long English, Tondo Di Manduria); Eggplant (Bianco a Uovo, Black Beauty, Early Green, Golden Egg, Long Green, Louisiana Long Green, Morden Midget); Fruit (Aunt Mollys Ground Cherry, Beet berry, Fire and Ice Berry, Watermelon (Golden Midget, Orange Glo), Melons (Charentais, Hearts of Gold, Israel Ogen, Minnesota Midget) and Sun berry) ; Garlic; Grapes ; Grain (Millet (Dragon’s Claw), Quinoa (Multi-hued), Wheat (Emmer, Marquis, Red Fife), Barley); Greens (Asian greens, Arugula (Ortania), Ching Chiang, Corn Salad (Vilmorins, Cress-Shallot, Upland), Kale (Red Russian), Lettuce (Crisp Mint, Celtuce), Malva crispa, Mustard greens (Green, Green Frills, Green Wave, Giant Red Horned, Ruby Streaks), Rapini (Zamboni), Peppergrass (Curly), Purslane (Golden), Quilquina, Sorrel (Red Vein), Salad mixes (Savory, Spicy, Spring, Tangy), Spilanthes Cress, Spinach (Malabar)); Herbs (Ambrosia, Anise Hyssop, Basil, Bergamot (Lemon, Red, Wild), Catnip, Camomile (German), Chives, Cilantro, Chinese Motherwort, Curry Leaf, Dill, Dragon Head, Echinacea, Elecampane, Epazote, Evening Primrose, Gotu Kola, Horehound, Hyssop (Blue, Giant yellow), Joe Pye Weed, Lavender, Lemon Balm, Lovage, Marjoram (Sweet), Moroccan Mint, Mullein (Black, Great), Navaho Tea, Oregano (Greek, Mexican, Tarahumara), Parsley (Hamburg), Sage, Salad Burnet, Savory (Winter Dwarf), Shepard’s Purse, Thyme (Lemon), Tobacco (1,000 Year Old, Shamans, Westbank First Nations)); Hops (rhizomes); Kale (Red Russian); Leeks (German Winter); Lettuce (Lilys, Merlot, Mix, Parris Island Cos, Red Deer Tongue, Red Salad Bowl, Sette Lune Romaine, Spring Lettuce Blend, Strela); Onion (Franz bunching, Welsh); Parsley Root (Hamburg); Parsnips (Guernsey Half Long); Pepper (Alma Paprika, Black Pearl, Cayenne-Joe’s Long, Criolla Sella, Fish, Ghost, Great Balls of Fire, Jalapeño, Jimmy Nardello, Kiss of Satan, Marconi Red, Pasillia, Pepperoncini, Poblano, Red Caribbean, Rocotillo, Tabasco, Tepin, Tequila Sunrise); Radish (Black Spanish, Easter Egg, Hilds Blauer, Ostergrass Rossa, Special Mix); Salsify (Black Scorzonera, Sandwich Island Mammoth); Squash (Canada Crookneck, Marina di Chiogga, Vegetable Marrow, Woods Bush Scallop, Styrian Pumpkin); Zucchini (Romanesco); Large Tomato (Ace 55, Afghani, Alpha, Amish Brandywine, Amish Paste, Ananas Noire, Anna’s Verte, Anna Banana Russian, Anna Russian, Arancia, Arbuznyi, Armenian, Aunt Ruby’s German Green, Azoychka, Banana Legs, Basinga, Beefsteak (bush, Nepal) Big Rainbow, Big Zebra, Black Brandywine, Black from Tula, Black Krim, Black Prince, Black Russian, Black Sea Man, Black Tomato, Black Zebra, Blanche du Quebec, Bull’s Heart, Campbell, Cassidy’s Folly, Cherokee Purple, Coeur de Boeuf, Copia, Cosmonaut Volkov, Cream Sausage, Czech’s Excellent Yellow, Dark Galaxy, Djena Lee’s Golden Girl, Dorathea’s Green, Earliana, Elbe, Eva Purple Ball, Fiorentino, Fred’s Italian Plum, Furry Red Boar, Georgian, Giant Yugoslavian, Golden Bison, Golden Oxheart, Golden Pineapple, Golden Roma, Goliath, Greek Country, Green Zebra, Greenwich, Gypsy, Heinz Heirloom, Ideal, Kellogg’s Breakfast, Kimberly, Limmony, Livingston’s Giant Oxheart, Longkeeper, Manitoba Oxheart, Marglobe, Marvel Striped, Mary Robinson, Mary’s Oxheart, Matina, Michael Pollen, Mikado White, Morden Yellow, Mortgage Lifter, Mountain Princess, Nile River Egyptian, Noire de cose Boeuf, Nyagous, Oaxacan, Oaxacan Jewel, Old Wyandotte, Orange Banana, Orange Flesh Purple Smudge, Orange Russian, Orange Strawberry, Oxheart, Paul Robeson, Persimmon, Piedmont, Pineapple Fog, Pink Accordian, Pink Grapefruit, Pink Striped Gold, Purple Calabash, Purple Russian, Purple Smudge, Roma, Round Lemon, San Marzano, San Marzano Tuscan, Sara Black, Scinocca Plum, Speckled Roman, Striped Cavern, Striped Yellow Boar, Stupice, Sugawara, Summerjet, Sylvan Guame, Tangello, Tasty Evergreen, Tiger Tom, Tigerella, Tlacolula, Voyage, White Beauty, White Ox, White Tomesol, Wonderlite, Yellow Bell, Yellow Brandy, Yellow Ping Pong, Yellow Taxi, Yellow Trifele, Yellow Zapotec); Small Tomato (Baby Red Pear, Baby Yellow Pear, Black Plum, Black Zebra Cherry, Borgo dark, Brown Berry, Cheesmani, Cherry Roma, Cherry Black, Chiapas, Chocolate Pear, Coyote, Cubas Gold, Dr Carolyn, Fargo Yellow Pear, Flamme, Gardener’s Delight, Giallo a Grappoli, Gold Grape, Golden Cherry, Grape (Green, Red, White), Green Pear, Ildi, Indigo Rose, Isis Candy, Lime Green Salad, Lollipop, Maglia Rosa, Mercato Central, Millefleur, Peacevine, Pink Pear Cherry, Principe Borghese, Red Robin, Red Sugar Cherry, Red Velvet, Sara Goldstar, Snow White, Sunshine Cherry, Topaz, Violet Jasper, Yellow Sweetie); Flowers (edible) (Amaranthus (red, gold), Aster, Bachelor’s Button, Blanket Flower, Calendula, Canterbury Bells, Cleome, Columbine mixed, Cosmos, Cup Plant, Daisy (Gloriosa, Kingfisher, Zulu Prince), Edible Flower Collection (Calendula, Corn Flower, Zebra Mallow, Orange Gem Marigold and Pansy), Gazania, Hollyhock (Black), Mallow (Zebra), Marigold (Orange Gem), Sea Holly, Shoo Fly (Ebony), Tansy (Jackpot), Viola (Fuji Dawn), Yarrow (Red) and Zinnia); Flowers (ornamental) (Foxglove, Johnny Jump-up, Leopard Flower, Lion’s Ear/Tail, Snapdragons, Sunflowers (ornamental)); Apples



Organic certification for products or packaging and labelling activities under COR, in accordance with Part 13 of the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR). 


In a mandatory period of time from an initial application to organic certification. Transition periods will be a minimum of 12 months and up to 36 months for land based operations.


Subject to eligibility following a risk assessment. Organic products may be sold within home province only and may bear the BCCOP (BC enterprises only) and PACS logos but may not bear the COR logo. Inspections take place every third year.


(Attestation of Compliance)
AoCs are issued to contracted service providers who conduct physical activities with respect to an organic product. Activities are conducted in accordance with CAN/CGSB 32.310 to maintain the organic integrity of the product. Annual inspections are required.  


Subject to eligibility following a risk assessment. Products may be sold with an organic claim within B.C. only, and may bear the BCCOP logo. Inspections take place every third year. 


Organic certification administered under the accreditation of the Certified Organic Associations of British Columbia (COABC). Operations must be located in B.C. Products may be sold with an organic claim within B.C. only, and may bear the BCCOP logo.