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PACS Initial Certification Registration Form

download here

----- PACS Fee Refund Policy - download here

----- COABC 10B Refund Policy - download here

This form is to be used by enterprises (farms, processors, distributors, brokers, retailers and handlers) that are applying to PACS for organic certification for the first time or that are transferring from another certification body. This form has 3 pages.

PACS Renewal Certification Registration Form

download here

Return the completed form to the PACS office with the appropriate fees (the fee chart is part of the form). Upon receipt the PACS office will send you a copy of Standards, Book 2 Version 7 and the PACS Handbook, along with the rest of the forms required to complete your file.

When the completed forms are returned to the PACS office the Certification Committee will preview to make sure all of the information required has been received. Your information will then be forwarded to a Verification Officer who will call to arrange an appointment at a time conducive to both you and the inspector.

The Verification Officer will inspect your entire enterprise (organic and non-organic portions) and complete an "Inspection Report". A copy of the report will be included in your certification package, forwarded to you once the Certification Committee has completed a Certification Review Report and has determined the status of your enterprise.

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